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LED Laser Hybrid Projection

This new technology delivers better picture quality through higher contrast ratios, is lamp free and consumes less power for a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Designed for a range of uses including home entertainment, professional audio-video, corporate or education use. 

The Laser/LED Hybrid illumination technology is a breakthrough in the way a projector manipulates light and images, resulting in superb picture quality with high contrast ratio for greater details, especially in dark scenes. The LEDs and lasers combine as a light source to create vibrant rich color, by generating a color spectrum far greater than that of normal mercury light projector which rely on a color wheel and may show ghost images and rainbow effects.

This eco-friendly technology is lamp free which saves anywhere from Rs.15,000 – Rs.25,000 per lamp in replacement costs. No lamp means no mercury thereby eliminating toxic waste and no lamp also means virtually no maintenance to swap out bulbs. Laser/LED Hybrid illumination technology delivers a longer light source life of up to 20,000 hours and is much more energy efficient utilizing intelligent power control, generating nearly twice as many lumens per watt as a lamp based projector. Furthermore, these projectors do not get hot to the touch, and are faster and quieter to switch on and off, as well as offering a more stable design.