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Casio Projector FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered one by one here.

Operating System Compatibility

Information on compatibility with Windows Vista ®
Information on compatibility with Windows®7 


Projector's Information

Please be advised that if a Green Slim Projector repair is requested all projector elements must be included with the returned unit. Projectors received by Casio without the light source components will be returned unrepaired.


• XJ-H1650/H1750 • XJ-H1600/H1700 • XJ-ST145/ST155 • XJ-M140/M150/M240/M250 • XJ-M145/M155/M245/M255
• XJ-A140V/A150V/A240V/A250V • XJ-A145V/A155V/A245V/A255V • XJ-A130/A140/A230/A240 • XJ-A135/A145/A235/A245  
• XJ-450 • XJ-360 • XJ-350