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Leave your laptop home and make your presentation from your mobile device. Select Casio projector models will project from iPhone®, Android®, iPad®, iPod® and Microsoft Windows® Mobile, via a WiFi 802.11b/g/n connection. Software is required and included with select Casio USB models. Device Application is also required and available by free download with select Casio USB models. Show Full screen of your iPad & iPhone directly on projector with free download applications.


Intelligent Brightness Control

A built-in illumination sensor senses the brightness of the surrounding environment and adjusts the projection brightness automatically. Projecting at the optimal brightness at all times reduces eye strain and contributes to reducing power consumption. Manual adjustment in five levels is also available.

LED Laser Hybrid Projection

This new technology delivers better picture quality through higher contrast ratios, is lamp free and consumes less power for a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Designed for a range of uses including home entertainment, professional audio-video, corporate or education use.


Smart Insert

Innovative inset in the rear panel for the integration of a Small Form Factor (SFF) PC Allows PC to be slotted in without increasing the overall depth of the display. Gives you more freedom to choose the hardware solution that you need. Easy to upgrade hardware – simply slot out the old module and slide in the new one. Cable management system keeps all cables neat.

24x7 Display

Philips Professional Displays use Industrial Grade Panel for use around the clock with higher grade components for all products. High quality power supplies used for increased MTBF.


One Wire

Uses one single HDMI cable to take image and audio signal from media player to the display AND all configuration/control commands. Cuts out the need for multiple wires/cables keeping the rear of the display clutter free.

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